Newark NJ Suspended License and Failure to Appear

Failing to appear in court for a traffic summons may result in your license being suspended or a warrant being issued. This typically is easily resolvable for an experienced Newark NJ traffic ticket lawyer. However, the problem becomes compounded when a defendant fails to appear for a the charge of driving while suspended or revoked. Here is why:

1) If you are issued a Newark traffic violation for suspended license, if you act promptly and contact a Newark Nj Municipal Court lawyer, I can work with you to restore your privileges quickly and avoid the heavy penalties for the charged violation, which could include an additional suspension of your driving privileges for 6 months or more,  insurance surcharges, and possible jail time.

2)However, if you fail to appear to answer to the charge of driving on the revoked list in Newark NJ, the motor vehicle commission may not permit the restoration of your privileges until the municipal court hearing is resolved. This means that your privileges can not be restored prior to going to court, which ties the hands of the prosecutor a great deal in negotiating a plea agreement.

I know the law as it pertains to this offense. NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES,  you should contact a Newark traffic ticket lawyer to educate yourself on the particulars of the charged offense. Don’t be caught off guard by the law you may not understand. Call today

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