I am Todd Palumbo, and I defend those charged with all types of traffic offenses, moving violations, speeding tickets, and motor vehicle infractions, in the Newark Municipal Court. I am an attorney who has a proven track record of beating traffic tickets and fighting zealously on behalf of my clients.

When I initially speak with potential clients faced with a traffic summons issued by the Newark NJ or New Jersey State Police, I am frequently asked if it is necessary to hire an attorney. During a free consultation, I will give you an honest assessment of your case. I will analyze the facts of your particular situation, and discuss your defenses. IF I AM OF THE OPINION THAT IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO HIRE COUNSEL, I WILL GIVE YOU THAT OPINION.

However, many people make the mistake of not consulting an attorney prior to going to traffic court. This can lead to unforeseen consequences, such as loss of license, surcharges, motor vehicle points, substantial financial penalties, and in some cases jail time. Some of these consequences will not surface until after it is too late. In most instances, all of this could be avoided by taking a few minutes to obtain a free consultation.

In a fast paced court, like the Newark Municipal Court, the prosecutor will rarely take the time to answer all the questions that you may have regarding your offense. You may feel pressured to plead guilty to something you don’t want to. The procedure, administration, and law will be foreign to most that choose to represent themselves. With all of the potential penalties one could face as a result of even a simple traffic violation, it is prudent to take the time to give me a call. I will not waste your time, I will not pressure you, and most importantly, I will give you an honest opinion as to whether hiring a lawyer makes sense.

My rates are fair. I offer payment plans. I am available 24/7. Please take a moment to navigate my blog and search for your topic. Below are links to information regarding common Newark New Jersey traffic offenses. If you do not see your topic, please enter it in the search window. Do not hesitate to call with your questions.

Driving While Suspended or Revoked

Driving Without Insurance 39:6B-2

Failure to Obey Traffic Signal, Running Red Light: NJSA 39:4-81

Failure to Stop at Stop Sign or Yield NJSA 39:4-144, New Jersey

Fines, Penalties, Points, Common Moving Violations NJ

Improper Passing on Right of Roadway, NJSA 39:4-85

Improper Passing, No passing Zone, NJSA 39:4-86

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

New Jersey Speeding Statute

No U-turn, U-turn prohibited, NJSA 39:4-125

N.J.S.A. 39:3-10

NJSA 39:4-66.2 Avoidance of a Traffic Control Device

NJSA 39:4-115, Improper Turn at a Traffic Signal, Light, New Jersey

NJSA 39:4-128.1 Passing a Stopped School Bus, New Jersey

Out of State Traffic Tickets and License Restoration Attorney

Racing New Jersey Traffic Offense NJSA 39:4-52

Reckless Driving: 39:4-96

Tailgating, Following too Closely, NJSA 39:4-89

Speeding Tickets

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