The Law Offices of Todd Palumbo specializes in NJ DWI defense. If you have been arrested and charged with a Driving While Intoxicate offense in New Jersey, it is imperative that you contact a Lawyer who is trained and certified in this increasingly complex area of litigation. DWI Attorney Todd Palumbo is one of a few NJ lawyers who has certification in the both the administration of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test and the operation of the Alcotest breath testing device. The Alcotest has replaced the Breathalyzer machine over the course of the last several years.

If you have been arrested in New Jersey for a first offense, second offense, or third or subsequent offense DWI, you need to understand the multitude of harsh penalties that you may face. They include loss of license for up to 10 years for a third offense, 2 years for a second, and up to 1 year for a first offense. In addition, if convicted of a third or subsequent offense, the judge will impose a MANDATORY 6 month jail sentence. Fines, surcharges, and insurance penalties will also be assessed.

BAC or Blood Alcohol Content is typically the central issue in DWI trials. Invalidating the BAC readings is a technical and difficult process. The validity of the readings sometimes hinges on small details. A qualified NJ DWI trial lawyer knows what to look for and how to apply the law.

Aside from BAC, every defendant has constitutional protections against illegal searches and seizures. This means that the police must have reasonable suspicion to stop a motorist and probable cause to make the arrest. Probable cause is a totality of the circumstances consideration. A important factor in deciding to arrest a driver suspected of DWI is the performance on The SFST or Standardized Field Sobriety Test. Attorney Todd Palumbo has been trained in the administration of this battery of test, and knows when the test were not administered properly.

Losing your driving privileges is a life altering event. Your income, your family, your livelihood could be at stake. NJ DWI attorney Todd Palumbo has the experience and training to help you formulate a real defense to the charges you face. Every step of the way, the best NJ DWI attorneys identify holes in the state’s case and understand how to exploit them.

Unfortunately, given the complexity of the science and procedure and law present in each NJ DWI arrest, it is almost a necessity that you obtain representation. However, Todd Palumbo offers free consultations and will give you an honest assessment of your particular Driving While Intoxicated offense. Not every case is a winner, and Todd Palumbo knows when it is best to negotiate a plea and when an issue is ripe for trial. Accordingly, the legal fees should reflect these differences.

If you have been arrested and charged with a New Jersey DWI offense, contact the Law Office of Todd Palumbo today for your free consultation. Knowing where you stand is the first step.

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