Newark New Jersey: Criminal-Municipal-Traffic Lawyer

There are numerous towns, cities and municipalities in Essex County, NJ.  Newark is by far the largest and most populated. It should be no surprise that there are more criminal complaints and traffic summons issued in the City of Newark than in any other Essex County NJ city. A number of heavily traveled roads cut through the large city giving local and state police the opportunity to issue a disproportionate number of traffic violations. Unfortunately, there are also many arrested and charged with criminal offenses in Newark as well.

The courts can be a confusing and intimidating  place. The procedure, language and administration is difficult to understand. The consequences for a seemingly innocent misstep are frequently serious. When you have questions and need answers, don’t guess. Call an experienced Newark NJ criminal defense lawyer. The Law Office of Todd Palumbo specializes in Newark NJ Municipal Court traffic tickets, criminal complaints, drug offenses including marijuana, assault charges, license suspensions, shoplifting arrest, domestic violence complaints, etc. We are available for free consultations and can be reached 24 hrs day/ 7 days a week. Call us today at (855) 803-6897. We will take the time to answer all your inquires and help you fully understand your fact specific situation.

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