Safe Surrender Program Wraps up in Newark

Over 4000 fugitives turned themselves in over the course of a four day safe surrender program in Newark NJ. Safe Surrender is a nation wide program which provide an opportunity for those with outstanding warrants to turn themselves in without the usual penalties.

Typically speaking, those with arrest warrants can face fines, jail, contempt charges, license suspensions, etc. Over the course of the four day period, lines formed outside the designated locations. In many cases the warrants were dismissed. The majority of the warrants were for traffic offenses and disorderly person charges that were never properly addressed.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office participated and applauded those who took this opportunity to make good. In consideration of the warrant surrender, many will receive favorable consideration during court proceedings.

The program lasted only four days, but it will be offered again in the future. Newark has offered safe surrender opportunity on several occasions.

In my opinion,  this is a fantastic program. It saves the county millions. The individuals who participated no longer have to look over their shoulder after, in some cases, years of doing so. I always feel that most people want to face up to their obligations, but sometimes life circumstance prevents them from doing so. Many people I defend have been plagued by warrants for years and it has kept them from living their lives to the fullest. It is rare that the state implements a program that actually works. Just goes to show that a little common sense goes a long way.

REMEMBER, the program has ended for the time being. So, if  this story has encouraged you to take care of your outstanding arrest warrant, I can help. It may not be free, but I can assure you that this attorney will find the cheapest possible way for you to take care of your business, and provide you with top notch representation at the same time.

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