I Have a Warrant for Old Traffic Tickets. How do I Fix it?

First, if you are reading this article, you have already made some effort to fix it and are experiencing some aggravation. The good news is you have landed in the right place. I am New Jersey traffic defense and criminal attorney who can help you resolve the situation. The bad news is there may be a warrant out for your arrest in one or more municipalities or counties.In addition, if your license is suspended as a result of unpaid motor vehicle violations or parking tickets, your restoration can not take place until after the warrants are lifted and your case is listed on the court calender for a hearing date. All of these procedures take time, but I have streamlined the process to get results as quickly as possible. Moreover, I routinely obtain great results for my clients on the underlying offense. Some of the more common charges are speeding, careless driving, driving while suspended, no insurance, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to stop or yield, etc.

Typically speaking, the first step in matters that involve aged unpaid traffic or parking tickets is to determine if there are arrest warrants. This can be difficult to establish if the defendant can not recall where or when he/she received the tickets. Frequently, I will submit an expedited request for a NJ driver abstract, which will tell me exactly what courts I should be calling. If you don’t know how to read an abstract, it will look like a foreign language, but an experienced traffic defense lawyers will be able to interpret the codes. Once I determine the who, what, where, and why, I can begin the process of lifting warrants and reopening cases that are in closeout status.

Once dates are provided, we begin the process of appearing in each municipal court, assuming there is more than one, and resolving the tickets by way of trial or plea bargain. Frequently, the order the cases are resolved is very important, especially if the defendant is subject to enhanced penalties for certain offenses, such as driving on the revoked list or DWI. The familiarity that I have with the numerous New Jersey municipal courts will give me a better idea of how to structure the case.

Sometimes my clients are out of state residents who formally resided in New Jersey. In most cases I can convince the court to allow me to resolve the case in my client’s absence. This is typically accomplished via affidavit.

What ever the case may be, one thing is for certain. Legally, these cases are like ticking time bombs that, if not handled correctly, could lead to lengthy license suspensions, high fines, and possible jail. You should speak with counsel prior to making any decisions. A free consultation is always available.

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