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One of the effects of the 9-11 attacks was the development of the Homeland Security Administration and many new laws which are aimed at protecting national security. Many of these laws are directed at the transportation industry. The Transportation Security Administration was created to oversee and enforce many of these laws. Truck drivers, holders of commercial drivers license (CDL) individuals with HAZMAT endorsements, etc., are now subject to additional requirements to obtain and keep a CDL or other important endorsements to that CDL.

One such requirement that can be imposed is TWIC, transportation worker identification credentials. This is typically required when a driver has access to “secure” areas. The application and renewal process is explained more fully at the TSA website.

The TSA employs a screening process to determine if a truck driver is eligible for his/her TWIC credential. I person can be denied TWIC for a number of reasons. One of the most common reason is criminal grounds. Under the TWIC laws, an individual can be denied TWIC if he has been convicted of a qualifying criminal offense. If the TSA determines that such an offense has been committed, the individual will be sent a Initial Determination of Threat Assessment or IDTA.

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