Articles Posted in Out-of-State Driver Traffic Violations

Florida is a party to the Interstate Driver’s Compact. This means that if you are a licensed (driver) in FL, any motor vehicle traffic summons, violations, tickets, etc. you receive in New Jersey will potentially transfer to FL if you are convicted.

Additionally, although New Jersey may assess a certain amount of points for any given violation, FL will assess points to your license according to its point schedule. For example, a violation of NJSA 39:97.2, unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, is a zero point ticket in NJ. However, in Florida, it is a 4 points ticket. Many out of state residents make the mistake of hiring a lawyer who does not do the necessary research before going to court. Unsafe operation is a common plea bargain. A lawyer may think, and may tell you, that you will not get points in FL. This is not true.

The only tickets that do not result in points in FL are non-moving violations. There are number of non-moving, no point violations in Title 39 (NJ). The more experienced your traffic ticket lawyer is, the more aware he will be of these options.

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