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On an ongoing basis, I am going to start posting examples of outcomes of cases I handle in the Newark Municipal Court. I am a Newark Attorney who represents many clients each year in the Newark Municipal and I get results.

Getting great results for my clients is not just a matter of showing up to court and being smooth. Great results are the product of pre-trial preparation, even with simple traffic matters. You must remember, the State must prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. In order to do that, in most circumstances they will have to rely upon documents, photographs, witnesses, lab results, etc. As an experienced municipal court lawyer and criminal defense attorney, I fully make use of all the procedural rules available to me to put my client in the best possible position prior to trial.

On many occasions, I have used these procedural tools to my client’s advantage to get cases dismissed. Last week, I made two successful motions to dismiss based upon procedural grounds. Both cases were serious traffic offenses.

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