What are the Fines and Penalties for DWI in New Jersey?

This is a synopsis of fines, fees, loss of license, IDRC, ignition interlock, jail, surcharges, etc, for all levels of NJSA 39:4-50 conviction and most refusal offenses in New Jersey. Remember that the exact penalties you face will depend on the facts of your particular case and DWI history. Therefore, this table is only a guide:

First Offense DWI BAC .08% or more but less than .10% or operating under the influence of alcohol:

1)Fine $250-$400
2)VCCB $50
3)DDEF $100
4)SNSF $75
5)NJSA 39:4-50(i) $100
6)Surcharges $1000 per year for three years ($3000)
7)3 month loss of license (suspension)
8)12 to 48 hrs in the IDRC, Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (have to pay for the
9)Possible Imposition of Ignition Interlock, must pay for installation and monitoring.
10) up to 30 days in jail
11)$100 restoration fee for reinstatement of license at end of suspension

First Offense DWI BAC .10% or more or under the influence of drugs/narcotics/CDS:

1) Fine $300-$500
2) All others fines the same as above
3) 7 month to 1 year loss of license
4) Imposition of ignition interlock mandatory if BAC 0.15% and above for all cars owned
or regularly operated by defendant.

5) Possible jail time the same as above.

Second Offense DWI, BAC .08% and Above or Under the Influence or Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Breath Test (second or first following DWI conviction)

1) Fine $500-$1000
2) All other fines same as above
3) Jail of not less than 48 hrs and not more than 90 days. (48 hrs can be served in IDRC program-overnight stay)
4) 30 days community service
5)Mandatory installation of Ignition Interlock for not less than one year after the period of suspension.

6) If convicted of refusal and DWI, 2 year suspension on both offenses, with the suspensions to run consecutively (4yrs total possible).

Third or Subsequent DWI BAC .08 BAC or Greater or Under the Influence or Refusal (following DWI conviction):

1) $1000 fine
2) All other fines same as above
3) Incarceration of not less than 180 days
4) 10 year license suspension
6) Mandatory installation of ignition interlock same as second offender
7) If convicted of refusal also, 10 year additional suspension to run consecutive to DWI

Fines, fees, and treatment as a subsequent offense may vary depending on certain factors, so it is important to consult a lawyer to verify the penalties you may face in your particular circumstances.

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