Update on Red Light Camera Tickets

I recently posted a fairly popular blog regarding red light camera tickets in Newark New Jersey. Given the research I have done and the representations made to me by the court in  Newark NJ municipal Court, I have concluded that the red light camera ticket would not result in the imposition of any points, but would still be considered a moving violation (which has important implications). Most notably, the language of the statute specifically and clearly states that there shall be no points assessed for a violation under this section. However, I am receiving some conflicting reports that some  MVC personnel are telling motorist that this is a 2 point ticket.  I HAVE NOT CONFIRMED THIS WITH MVC. TO REITERATE, I have not received any direct reports that a motorist received points for this offense.I am in the process of verifying. If points are being assessed, there are clearly grounds for appeal. It would not surprise me if MVC did not get the memo, or did not update the computer systems to differentiate between the camera red light ticket and the ordinary running a red light violation.

I will update this topic shortly, but the law as signed by the governor is crystal clear. No points are to be assessed.

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