Red Light Cameras, Penalties, Defenses

Red light cameras are up and running in certain sections of Newark. Many motorist are beginning to receive tickets in the mail for alleged violations of NJSA 39:4-81, running a red light. Under normal circumstances, a conviction for this offense would result in a fine of up to $200 and 2 motor vehicle points. However, this particular variety of red light ticket does not carry points, and the fine in the Newark traffic court is typically $85. BUT HOLD ON.

This is still a moving violation, as I am sure some will find out. This means that if you are on probationary status with the division of motor vehicles, meaning you are prohibited from receiving any moving violations, point or no point, and you plead guilty to this offense, your license will be SUSPENDED by motor vehicles for violating the probation. Therefore, it will be necessary to either amend this ticket to a non-point, non-moving violation, or go to trial. Your next question is how do I do that. It will probably require the assistance of an attorney. I have had tremendous success defending traffic offenses in the Newark Municipal Court and can be contacted for a free consultation.

The moral of the story, think before you act. Talk to an attorney, check with motor vehicles, but make sure that you understand the possible consequences of a guilty plea.

However, if you have a clean driving record, and you plead guilty to this offense, the penalty is no points and $85. One will have to weigh the pros and cons of fighting this offense, given the cost, time and effort involved versus the ease of paying the ticket.

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