Out of State Traffic Tickets and License Restoration Attorney

My name is Todd Palumbo and I am a New Jersey traffic ticket attorney. Out of state drivers are frequently issued traffic violations while traveling through New Jersey. They are easy targets because police realize that you will probably just pay the ticket and not put up a fight. In addition, The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has a long memory. If you are a former NJ resident who moved to another state and never took care of outstanding traffic and parking tickets, it is likely you will encounter difficulty renewing or obtaining a license in your new state because of an existing New Jersey license suspension. You may have tried to resolve the situation yourself, but have become completely frustrated with the bureaucracy and are looking for some help. The good news is I can help you. I have extensive experience assisting former NJ and out of state residents resolve motor vehicle violations. In many cases, I can arrange it so my client never needs to appear in court. If you are reading this article, you probably have one of three situations to deal with:

  1. You are an out of state driver and were issued a ticket in New Jersey for speeding, careless driving, reckless driving, unsafe lane change, tailgating, etc. You are back in your home state and are now starting to think about motor vehicle points, insurance hikes, etc. On your particular ticket, the required appearance box is not checked, which means that you could pay the ticket by mail, over the phone, or online. You are not sure what the consequences of doing so would be, or you are debating whether to fight the ticket, asking what it would cost for lawyers, fines, and questioning if you would have to come back to New Jersey for court.
    • Pleading guilty by mail, online, or by phone can be a huge mistake. You should always contact an attorney who offers free consultations clarify your situation. In most case, pleading guilty to a moving violation will result in the imposition of motor vehicle points on your license. In many cases, your state will not be bound by New Jersey point assessment decisions. For example, the motor vehicle offense of unsafe operation of a motor vehicle in violation of NJSA 39:4-97.2 is a zero point moving violation and a common amendment to many NJ traffic tickets. However, many states will receive notice of this conviction and assess points. For example if a defendant pleads guilty to this offense in NJ and is a PA licensed driver, PENN DOT, the PA motor vehicle agency may assess four motor vehicle points. Many states have a different point structure from that of New Jersey. In my experience, I find that speeding violations are where I see the biggest discrepancies. In addition, depending upon your state’s insurance laws, points could cause instant spikes in you insurance premiums. Entering a guilty plea blindly and without educating yourself first is not smart. The money that you spend on an experienced lawyer could save you thousands in the end. Furthermore, you will probably never have to appear in court, as I am able to resolve most of these matters by way of affidavit.
  2. Your are an out of state resident who was issued a traffic ticket or motor vehicle summons and the appearance required box is checked.
    • Typically speaking, when the police check the appearance required box, the offense is more serious such as Driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, and very high speed traffic violations. Nonetheless, in most cases, I am able to favorably resolve summons issued to out of state residents without my client appearing in court. This will not be the case in more serious offense such as DWI. In most cases,  if you are facing a “consequence  of magnitude” the court will generally require your presence. But in the majority of cases, including serious charges, I can convince the court to excuse your appearance. If you are facing a DWI offense, driving while suspended or revoked charge, no insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, etc., or a criminal offense, you should contact me immediately.
  3. I used to live in New Jersey, but I have lived in another state for a number of years. I tried to renew my license in my home state and I can’t because of New Jersey traffic tickets,  surcharges or a NJ license suspension.
    • This is a problem that I deal with frequently. Sometimes, when a person moves to another state, they leave a trail of traffic tickets that eventually catches up with them. The violations may be in several different municipalities. There may be warrants for your arrest. Your driving privileges in NJ may be suspended and you need to restore them before you can renew in your home state. These are complicated situations, but I have developed a protocol that I implement in each one of these cases and it has proven to be very successful. Even in situations where my clients were facing lengthy suspensions in NJ and, as a result, in their home state, I have been able to keep them out of danger and solve each and every one of the issues with no lasting effect.

Wherever you call home, be it Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, or any of the nifty fifty, I can help you fix your problems. Many attorneys fail to understand the amount of effort that should go into these cases. A good lawyer will take a complicated situation, and make sure that every issue is addressed and cinched up, leaving their client in the best possible position. That approach is essential in situations such as these and my fees are reasonable.

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