Newark Warrant for Arrest for Outstanding Traffic Ticket

Understandably, sometimes people who have received traffic tickets in Newark overlook certain important information that appear on that traffic summons. Specifically, pay by dates or appearance dates (for court). This is not uncommon, especially when someone receives a ticket for something they perceive as being not too serious. However, the Court will issue a warrant for your arrest if you do not address the matter.

In some instances, a court appearance is required with a traffic summons. This is usually the case with traffic violations such as reckless driving, driving while suspended, high speed speeding tickets, no insurance. The more serious the violation, the more likely the appearances required box will be checked on your traffic summons.

Even in those instances that the box is not checked, that does not mean that you can ignore the ticket. Eventually, the court will issue a warrant if the matter is ignored.

When a warrant is issued, the judge will set bail. This means that if the police find you and arrest you, you will sit in jail until the bail is posted.

Alternatively, if you become aware that a warrant is active for your arrest, you have a couple options. You can turn yourself into the police and hope they process you quickly after you post bail (danger of spending a night in the Essex County Jail) or you can contact a lawyer, hire him to represent you on the matter, and he may be able to convince the court to recall the warrant without you having to physically turn yourself in. This is a huge benefit.

Also, if a warrant issues for failure to appear, the court will frequently notify the MVC and your license will be suspended. In many instances, my clients forgot about a traffic matter, were subsequently pulled over with the warrant, and issued a ticket for driving while suspended at the same time.

Restoring your license in this instance may also require the assistance of a lawyer because the court will have to issue a rescinding order to the MVC to lift the suspension. Your lawyer will make and argument before the judge as to why the court should do this.

This is the tip of the iceberg, but I have tried to provide a few common scenarios. If you are in a bind such as this, I would strongly suggest you consider contacting a lawyer and hiring legal representation.

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