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Has your child been charged with a criminal or traffic offense. Are you underage and been accused of a crime or traffic violation. I am a Newark NJ Juvenile attorney and represent minors/juveniles facing both motor vehicle and criminal charges.

Under most circumstance, when a juvenile is charged with a criminal complaint, the case will be heard in the Superior Court, Family/Chancery division. REMEMBER, just because the defendant is underage does not mean that they will sweep it under the rug. ACTUALLY, it is the complete opposite. The court proceedings will be almost identical to regular adult related criminal court matters. The penalties for the crimes are the same, including jail, fines, etc. In many instances, if the young offender is charged with a serious offense, the state will ask for jail time.

Additionally, it is almost always mandatory that the minor be represented by counsel, meaning that the court will requires it. Most Newark related juvenile crimes will be venued in the Essex County Superior Court in the Wilentz Justice Complex on 212 Washington St. in Newark. The defendant appears before a regular judge, and faces seasoned prosecutors.

Many times, when I speak with parents or a minor who has just been served with a complaint/summons/warrant, I am asked if there is anyway to stop the process, meaning can I call the police and say it was misunderstanding, etc. The answer is no. Once the complaint has been filed, the wheels of justice begin to turn, and court dates will follow.

It is true that certain juvenile records are sealed even if convicted of an offense. But it is important to remember that those records can still be used by law enforcement and other government agencies in the future against that person in subsequent court proceedings. This is a frequently overlooked and important fact.

It is difficult to fully explain in a short article all the consequences, and all the procedures involved in a juvenile criminal matter. There are no shortcuts just because the defendant is a child. The expertise that is required of an attorney defending a juvenile in a criminal matter is very much similar to adult criminal court defense work. The rules are the same.

I have defended many juvenile clients and have obtained terrific results in Essex County and throughout the State. I can assure yo that a free consultation will be provided to you. I will answer all of your questions, and educated you on the charges, the defenses, the likely result, and procedure.

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