Driving While Suspended or Revoked

N.J.S.A 39:3-40

If you have been stopped by the police and issued a ticket for driving while suspended or revoked in violation of NJSA 39:3-40, it is imperative that you take the right steps to protect your driving privileges, your wallet, and in some instances, your freedom.

The penalties upon conviction for driving while suspended in New Jersey are dependent upon certain factors. Most importantly, the penalties will be enhanced for second or subsequent convictions, and when the underlying reason for the suspension was for a serious traffic violation, such as driving while intoxicated or driving without liability insurance. In addition, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving with a suspended license, you could face criminal charges and mandatory jail time.

The important thing to remember is that a new jersey traffic ticket attorney with experience in the municipal court where you case is being heard, can make all the difference. You can search for all the information you want on the internet regarding your driving while suspended ticket. But the quickest and most efficient way to get your piece of mind is to contact a New Jersey driving while suspended lawyer who has time and time again successfully defended his clients charged with this traffic offense in Newark New Jersey.

In most driving while suspended cases, there are a number of puzzle pieces that need to be put together before an accurate assessment of the matter can be provided. Once you have been given the correct information, you can make an educated decision how to proceed, including the need for attorney representation, and which lawyer you will choose.

A FREE consultation from a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer who knows the law, and knows how to defend these charges is the best research tool there is. Don’t come to your own conclusions regarding your situation. Don’t be mislead by the wording of NJSA 39:3-40. Within title 39 there are numerous other statutes that tie in to 39:3-40 that could completely change the game. Moreover, you need to know what your defenses are.

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