Difficulties in Scheduling a First Appearance and Entering a Not Guilty Plea in Newark

Pay attention to the fine print on your Newark NJ criminal complaint or traffic ticket. Ordinarily, there is going to be a court date listed near the bottom of the document. In many instances, the defendant facing a criminal or traffic offense wants to plead not guilty. So you follow the instructions on the ticket regarding entering not guilty pleas, right? Chances are, if you have done this, you have encountered some difficulty reaching court personnel and you are not sure if you need to be there or not.

One of the nice benefits that you receive when you hire a lawyer to represent you in Newark is you do not need to worry about the “administrative” end of things. This portion of the case for many “pro se” defendants is frequently the most frustrating. It can result in the issuance of warrants for your arrest and other unpleasant consequences.

I am often contacted by clients who have attempted to schedule a court date, thought they had completed the task, and received notification shortly thereafter that there was a warrant for their arrest for failure to appear. This can be a nerve racking experience.

In most instances, I am able to get the warrant recalled (without bail) and get the matter listed on the court docket for adjudication. Then, I handle the case properly, requesting discovery, filing motions if necessary, subpoenaing witnesses if necessary, and make the state prove the case. Remember, beyond a reasonable doubt is not something just for movies. As an aside, think for a moment about that concept, beyond a reasonable doubt, focusing on the word reasonable and beyond.

Money may be tight in this economy, but there is nothing that costs more than a job done poorly. We all know that doing something twice costs more than doing it once. So, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer familiar with the Newark Court. The cost is typically cheaper than you think and will almost always save you time and money in the long run

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