Bridgewater Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Our Firm has been appearing in the Bridgewater Municipal  Court for years with a high success rate. The Bridgewater  Court is a busy municipal court due to the many state and interstate highways that run through the town. Both State Troopers and local police issue a high volume of traffic citations each week.

Although not all traffic violations are “serious” , most will have financial ramifications and could result in points being assessed. Sometimes license suspension is possible. As a consequence, your auto insurance rates may go up. For example, a speeding ticket for traveling  in excess of the speed limit by 30 or more miles per hour could result in the imposition of five motor vehicle points, and in many instances the prosecutor may be seeing a suspension of your driving privileges for 30 days or more. Even speeding lower speed offenses will result in point and insurance hikes if your are convicted.

Other offenses like careless driving, reckless driving, red light and failure to observe signal, unsafe lane change and tailgating are other examples of frequently issued summons and we have been great record helping our clients avoid the penalties they would otherwise face.

DWI offenses in violation of NJSA 2C 39:4-50 are particularly serious and could result in lengthy license suspension, high fines, surcharges, ignition interlock, and jail under certain circumstances. I have special training in this area of the law and have won multiple DWI trials.

Document offenses such as driving with a suspended or revoked license or registration have serious consequences and could result in mandatory jail time, heavy fines and license suspension.

It is really to your benefit to obtain a free consultation from an experienced attorney if you have been charged with any traffic violation. The information you receive could he invaluable. We provide free consultations over the phone and in our offices. We offer payment plans and affordable rates with the highest level of representation.


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